Our Products Catgories

Balfour Retractors are used to clearly expose the surgical site during surgeries so that the surgeon can see what he or she is doing, and they work in a variety of ways.
This particular retractor consists of a long rod with two attached loops on either side and a central retractor blade. The loops can be pushed apart to open up the wound, and a ratcheting device holds them in place. The central blade can be raised or lowered to increase the view of the surgical field. This Particular Retractor differs from other Balfour Retractors simply because it is Medium in size. All other Balfour Retractors are usually Large in size.

We manufacture and supply a vast range of gynecology instruments. These instruments are manufactured precisely by choosing high quality raw materials. The innovative and durable designs of these gynecology instruments give reliable performance. Our gynecological instruments are widely used by the gynecologists because they can be easily cleaned, are safe and convenient to use. The intricately advance gynecological instruments are used for the effective treatment of multiple gynecological diseases. The best in quality gynecological instruments are available at the most affordable prices.

- Bone Rongeurs
- Bone Cutting Forceps
- Periosteal Elevators
- Bone Chisels
- Rib Shears
- Bone Saws
- Trephines
- Carbide Burs

We offer diverse range of dental surgery instruments which are used widely for the dental treatments. The dental instruments are readily used by the dentist for examining and treating oral structures. The dental instruments are supplied to the client in sterile packages to avoid any pathogenic infections. The dental instruments are of great use for the dentists. The dental instruments have an augmented design which facilitates in easy dental usages. The dental instruments manufactured by us are made from superior quality light weight metals and have got superior quality finish.

Amalgam Carriers
Bone Chisels, Dental
Bur Adaptors and Bur Block
Cotton and Dressing Pliers
Dental Aspirating Syringes
Dental Blade Remover
Dental Bone Curettes
Dental Bone Files
Dental Bone Mallets and Forceps
Dental Burnishers, Amalgam Pluggers
Dental Carbide Burs
Dental Crown and Collar Scissors
Dental Crown Gripper and Remover
Dental Curettes
Dental Elevators and Luxators
Dental Excavators
Dental Hemostatic Forceps
Dental Lip and Cheek Retractors
Dermal Instruments
Dental Matrix Retainers, Bands and Strip Holder Clips
Dental Mirror Handles
Dental Miscellaneous Lab Instruments
Dental Mouth Gags
Dental Mouth Mirrors
Dental Mucocele Forceps, Probes
Dental Needle Holders
Dental Plastic Filling Instruments
Dental Pliers
Dental Scalers
Dental Scalpel Handles
Dental Speciality Burs and Mounted Points
Dental Sterilizing Accessories
Dental Suction Tubes
Dental Tissue and Dressing Forceps
Dental Tissue Retractors
Dental Wax, Porcelain and Cement Instruments
Dental Wire Cutters
Endo Instruments
Extracting Forceps
Guages and Dividers
Orthodontic Instruments
Orthopedic Instruments
Paper Forceps
Plastic Surgical Instruments
Rubber Dam Instruments
Scissors, Gum
Storage and Sterilizing Cassettes
Surgical Scissors,
Suture Scissors,Dental Tongue Depressors
Dental Tongue Seizing Forceps
Dental Towel Clamps and Napkin Holders
Dental Mandrels and Mounted Points
Dental Matrix Retainers and Bands