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ABDOSURGICAL is a surgical instrument manufacturer and medical products Since 1912, ABDO SURGICAL has been providing Balfour Abdominal Retractor / Baby Balfoure / Gosset Retractor. The foundation of ABDO SURGICAL is our commitment to provide you with high quality products at an excellent value. At ABDO SURGICAL most of the surgical instruments go through 28 or more steps before they are hand-inspected, packaged and shipped to our valuable customers. ABDO SURGICAL has HIGHLY SKILLED and TRUST WORTHY suppliers to supply us finished and polished surgical instruments of all sorts the same are received at our Receiving Department for WATER / CHEMICAL TEST, RE- FINISHING, DECREASING / CLEANING, FINAL INSPECTION, LABELING AND PACKING.

Our Products Catgories

  • Abdominal Retractors

  • Gynecology Instruments

  • Bone surgery

  • Dental Instruments


All instruments and devices of our product range are manufactured by well-trained and experienced skilled workers with special craftsmanship and by use of most modern machines and equipment. On this occasion we only use materials which meet our high quality standards.

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